Guiding - Fishing and Holiday

It doesn't matter if you are spin fishing or fly fishing. I offer all possibilities of fishing for predatory fish - whether with jerks, jigging, swimbaits, soft baits, vertical fishing or with streamers on the fly rod for pike, zander or perch. The technique is always adapted to the daily situation to realize your chance for the fish of life.


From beginners to experts I offer individuals or groups exciting fishing guiding on the waters in the Netherlands. I take my guests to the best hot spots on the Volkerak, Haringvliet or Hollands Diep. I know the best spots and give you tips and detailed information for spin fishing or fly fishing in Holland. This is GUIDED FISHING.


Catch - Photo - Release!

So we can have fun in the future, too

I practice catch and release out of conviction. No Kill is an important part of maintaining the good fish stock in Dutch waters. Whether pike, zander or perch - all fish are treated with respect. It is fun to catch the fish, to drill them and to take them out of their natural element for a nice souvenir photo. Afterwards we put the fish back again and watch them slip into the depths. Maybe until the next time.....


Pike - Spin fishing in Holland
Pike - Catch and Release

Why Guiding? Your Investment in Quality Fishing!

A good guiding is worth a lot on the lakes in Holland. The waters are very big, the good places on the Volkerak, Haringvliet or Hollands Diep are wide spread and sometimes very concentrated. Depending on the season, weather and temperatures, the suitable hot spots shift very much.


Holland is known for its windmills and a stiff breeze. The fishing waters are close to the coast and partly exposed to the wind. In strong winds this is a challenge for small boats. With my well equipped Lund Pro Guide boat we are safe and fast at the hot spots even in rough weather!


Relaxing Fishing Holiday - I take care!

I take care of the fishing licenses, the holiday home and have a safe, fast and comfortable guiding boat to take you to the best places. You can fully concentrate on fishing. So that at the end of the day hopefully also your dream fish was caught. Sit back and enjoy the morning sunrise and the beautiful scenery.


The landscape around the lakes is very beautiful and varied. Arrived at the Hot Spot the search for the big predatory fish begins. When does the first pike get in? Or a zander after all? Throw after throw until suddenly this indescribable moment of the bite comes out of nowhere, immediately followed by the hard stroke and the fast and careful drill. 


My goal with guiding is to offer my guests an unforgettable fishing experience! Ideally also with the dream fish. It is possible to break your record on these waters. Of course there is no guarantee. Fishing for big pike, perch and zander is always hard work and luck has to be right. But fishing for predatory fish is pure adrenaline. The hammer-hard bites from nowhere, the fantastic drills. That's what you have to experience!


Beginner or Pro? Spin Fishing or Fly Fishing?

Are you a beginner? No problem: I will gladly show you the necessary techniques for spin fishing or fly fishing and you will quickly have fun. Of course I have top rental equipment that you can use. Carefree fishing!


Professional? Also for the cracks among the predatory fish anglers, the Volkerak and the adjacent waters offer pure excitement again and again. I am also happy to offer you my guiding service. Tight lines!




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